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Stop Obstetric Violence!

I wonder how reading this media article makes people feel?…/birth-rape-obstetric-violence-i…/

I can imagine the distress of any woman who has experienced obstetric violence and how she might feel triggered by reading this.

I can imagine that any pregnant woman might fear this could happen to her when she gives birth.

I can imagine the anger and frustration of all the birth workers and advocates out there who campaign tirelessly to end obstetric violence.

I can imagine the dismay and shame of those health professionals who are doing their utmost to treat women with kindness and compassion in a healthcare system that does not allow those same women to be consideted equal or experts of themselves.

But, for the the people who commit these violations and assaults, physical or psychological, I cannot imagine what your thinking is at all. I cannot imagine how you justify behaving so badly that you cause another human to experience long-term, life-changing distress because you chose - YOU. CHOSE. - to deride, ridicule, dismiss, diminish, humiliate or assault them.

You'll have to explain it to me.

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