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Counselling and talking therapies are not always readily available to certain groups of people in emotional distress. This is because specifically orientated NHS or independent resources are not always available or because the need for trauma resolution and counselling support is not readily recognised for these groups. There will also be a cohort of people who, because of previous negative experiences, do not wish to engage with the NHS or who cannot afford to pay for independent therapy. Consequently, whilst many affected people may appear to be carrying on with their daily lives, they are doing so under a taxing emotional burden that impacts on their lives and may eventually compromise their psychological and emotional well-being.


The Bent Not Broken Project came into being as a result of a growing desire to find ways to help and support people who are not able to access the therapy they need.

The Project is in the process of converting to a social enterprise Community Interest Company.  This means that a fee per session will now be charged in order to ensure the Project survives in the long term.

Currently, the fee per session is £40.

If you believe you would struggle to pay this fee per session then please discuss this with us. There are a small number of appointment slots open on a sliding scale fee where what you can afford to pay can be accepted. However, please be aware there may be a much longer waiting time to access these sessions.


Despite these changes, the Project is still operating only due to the effort and good-will of people who believe that all traumatised individuals should have the opportunity to access trauma therapy, and thus give their time, effort and expertise for reduced costs.  Additional donations are still most welcome to help with day to day running costs.

Our therapy room is based in the Friends of the Young Disabled Centre, Cwmbwrla, Swansea, UK. For a map, click here.

We are open to seeing clients who are able to travel to us from across South Wales and wish to have face to face therapy, but we cannot reimburse travelling costs.

The Bent Not Broken Project also offers therapy sessions by phone or online video calling. No matter where you live in the world, help is available from the Project.

Our Therapists

Any therapist working within the project will be appropriately qualified to do so, with a minimum qualification of Level 6 or undergraduate degree level.

Any therapist working within the Project will receive Supervision in accordance with the requirements of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy and The National Counselling Society.

Supervision is a requirement for any qualified therapist who is a member of either organisation.  It gives the therapist the time and space to reflect on their work with a suitably qualified mentor, which in turn protects clients and ensures they receive the most effective help and support from the therapist.

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