Who We Help

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The Bent Not Broken Trauma Counselling Project was originally set up as a voluntary venture to offer trauma therapy and support to the people of South Wales, UK.

Perhaps you feel you would benefit from this kind of support? Or someone you know?


If you are experiencing trauma, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), depression, anxiety or other mental health concerns  then do contact the Project to see if we can offer help.

If you're not sure, just email or give us a call. We're always happy to chat about what you need from therapy.


In particular, we offer specialist expertise to the following groups of people because the Project recognises that they often struggle to be heard and access the right therapeutic help and support at the time when they need that support.

  • Women and people experiencing birth trauma.

  • Partners, companions and others experiencing birth bystander trauma.

  • Parents experiencing Post Natal Depression (PND).

  • Parents experiencing other perinatal well-being concerns. For example, perinatal anxiety.

  • Parents who are feeling traumatised because their child was admitted to a Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU).

  • Parents who have found their experience of feeding their baby to be traumatic.

  • Parents who have found the transition to becoming a parent to be traumatising.

  • Parents who are feeling traumatised because their child has been diagnosed with a life-changing disability/ illness.

  • Parents who have experienced miscarriage and baby loss.

  • Adults struggling to cope with the consequences of  being diagnosed with a life-changing disability/ illness.

  • Adults experiencing trauma for other reasons.

  • Adults experiencing depression/ anxiety for other reasons.

  •  Health Professionals experiencing trauma/ burn-out.

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You must be over 18 to apply.

A formal diagnosis of PTSD or trauma will not be required for eligibility but access will depend on assessment made by the Project therapists taking into account clients’ perspectives of their therapeutic needs and requirements.


Assessment of all potential clients will be undertaken by the Project therapists. Each individual’s suitability to access the Project will be determined in relation to inclusion and exclusion criteria, the applicant’s general state of psychological and emotional well-being, their reasons for wishing to access the Project and their determination to change their current life situation. The Project therapists reserve the right to decline access as they see fit.


Therapy costs £40 per session.

If you believe you would struggle to pay this fee per session then please discuss this with us. There are a small number of appointment slots open on a sliding scale fee where what you can afford to pay can be accepted. However, please be aware there may be a longer waiting time to access these sessions.

Despite these changes, the Project is still operating only due to the effort and good-will of people who believe that all traumatised individuals should have the opportunity to access trauma therapy, and thus give their time, effort and expertise for reduced costs.  Additional donations are still most welcome to help with day to day running costs.